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The Embassy in Caracas has U S. consular jurisdiction over all of the geographic area of the Republic of Venezuela. International First-Class AIR MAlL from the United States to Venezuela costs 60 cents for the first half-ounce. Telephone service between the United States and Venezuela is good in urban areas, and of lower quality in rural areas.


Credit Reports


Credit reports can usually be obtained through banks or through commercial reporting agencies such as:


· Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.


Edificio Centro Cristobal, Pisos 8 & 9, Avenida Principal, Colinas de Bello Monte, Caracas
(Tel: (212) 752-9322 & 751-9935)
MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 2111, Carmelitas, Caracas 1010-A.


· Citibank N.A.


An American bank, has five branches in Venezuela; three in Caracas and one each in Maracaibo and Valencia.
The main office is located in Edificio Citibank, Carmelitas a Altagracia, Caracas
(Tel: (212) 81-9501 through 81-9520)
MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 1289, Caracas 1010-A.


The U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms.  Inclusion on this list is no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information in the list on professional credential, areas of expertise and language ability are provided directly by the lawyers.  You may receive additional information about the individuals by contacting the local bar association or the local licensing authorities.



CARACAS (telephone Area Code: 212)






Intellectual Property - trademarks, patents, copyright- domain name, trade secrets, informatics law, e-commerce, franchises, advertising law, entertainment law, competition law, intangible assets valuation, litigation, anti piracy enforcement programs.

English, Spanish, French

Av. San Felipe, Edificio Centro COINASA, PH B, La Castellana, Caracas 1060, Venezuela Telf:212-2639944 - Fax: 212-2639908 www.antequera.com.ve email: info@antequera.com.ve


General Corporate Law and Taxation; litigation; Labor Law ( litigation, collective bargaining, general advisory); Trademarks; Antitrust; Oil and Mining; Mergers & Acquisitions; Securities Regulation; Foreign Investments; Corporate finance; Arbitration; Administrative Law; Listed: -Martindale Hubbell. Law Directory; -The International Bar; -Global Chambers; -Latin Lawyer; -Latin Counsel

English and Spanish

Centro Lido, Torre C, piso 8. Av. Francisco de Miranda, El Rosal, Caracas. Venezuela. Tel: 212-953 92 44 Fax::953 77 77 Mailing Address: apartado 50.925 Sabana Grande, Caracas 1060. www. araquereyna.com email:info@araquereyna.com


All fields of law, including employment and labor law, taxation, energy and natural resources (major projects, oil and gas, energy, mining, water) environmental law, corporate law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, civil law, administrative law, economic law (customs, antidumping, antitrust, international trade regulations), intellectual property, telecommunications, electronic commerce, financial law (project finance, banking, capital markets), insurance, litigation and dispute resolution, criminal law, and foreign investments and transfer of technology. Members of the international law firm of Baker & McKenzie.

English, Spanish, French. Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian & German.

Torre Edicampo, PH., Av. Francisco Miranda, Campo Alegre, Caracas MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 1286, Caracas 1010-A. Tel: 212 276-5111 Fax:264-1532 ; 2641637 www.bakernet.com


Administrative, corporate, civil, foreign investment, constitutional, insurance, banking, urban development & construction law

Spanish, French & Italian

Venezuela, Bello Monte, Caracas 1050. Mailing address: Apartado 51322, Caracas 1050-A. Mailing address in the u.s.: Baumeister & Brewer, POBA International #A243, P.O. Box 02-5255, Miami, FL 33102-5255. Telf: 762-2651 - 55 Fax: 761-7472 www.allanbrewercarias.com


Corporate, private international, tax, labor, petroleum, mining, insurance, banking, contracts, e-commerce, Andean Pact, foreign investments, transfer of technology, privatization, debt/equity swap, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets law, stock exchange, securities, antitrust, antidumping, environmental, due diligence, litigation and maritime.

English, Spanish, French & Portuguese

Edificio Centro Altamira, Piso 8, Av. San Juan Bosco, Altamira, Caracas 1062. Tel: 265-3801, 2654279, 267-6190 & 265-8842. FAX: 261-2493; 261-8108 & 265-9252. Web page: www.bpmaw.com bpmawccs@bpmaw.com MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 69056, Caracas 1062-A.

BENTATA Abogados

Foreign investments, joint ventures, (banking, insurance) and taxation in general, planning and negotiations in labor law

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Portuguese

Torre Las Mercedes, Piso 2, Chuao, Caracas. Tel: 993 9004, FAX: 992 6609/ 6676. MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 67.348, Caracas 1061-A. Caracas, Venezuela www.bentata.com, lawyers@bentata.com


Tax, procedural. maritime, commerce, financial, industrial property, mergers and acquisition, international, and administrative law.

English, Spanish, French & Italian.

Edif. Bancaracas PH. Av. San Felipe La Castellana, Caracas. Telf. 212-264-6244 Fax. 212-264-7543 / 212-264-7743 MAILING ADDRESS: Apartado 60973, Caracas 1062-A. MAILING ADDRESS in USA: POBA International No.710, P.O. Box 025255, Miami, Florida 33102-5255. www.drba.com.ve


Civil Law, Labor Law, National & International Litigation

English, French & Spanish.

Av. Ppal El Bosque, Torre Credicard, Piso 6, Oficina 61, Urbanización El Bosque, Chacaíto Caracas. Apartado: 1050 Tel: 212-9523632 / 3076 / 6576.


International trade financial law, including project financing, problems related to letters of credit and others; construction and other project contracts, Venezuelan capital markets (bonds, commercial paper, equity and others), derivatives; foreign investment legislation (SIEX and Central Bank); registration of foreign investments; technology transfer agreements; tax aspects of foreign investment; general corporate law; as well as international arbitration.

English, Spanish, French & Italian.

Edificio Torre Clement, Piso 2, Avenida Venezuela, El Rosal, Caracas 1060. Tel: 951-3811, 951-3003 & 951-6245. Fax: 951-7707 & 951-7927. E-mail: mail@rodnermartinez.com. Mailing Address: Apartado 1953, Caracas 1010-A. Courier Address: Rodner, Martinez & Asociados, CCS 139 – P.O. Box 025323, Miami, FL. 33102-5323, U.S.A. www.rodnermartinez.com

Individual Lawyers From Law Firms





DE OHEP, Magally

Attorney at Law. Specialized in corporate, commercial, civil, inherit, international, contract & barter law.


English, Spanish & French

Telf: 2350759- Fax 2391695.           Cel: 04166313535. Email: magallydeohep@mac.com

HERNANDEZ, Maximilano

Attorney at law. Specialized in labor law.

English, Spanish & French

Telf:2664407 Fax:266 4189             Cel: 0414 2775254                       Email:                               Mhernandez-abogas@hotmail.com



NIETO, Carlos Alberto


Attorney at law.

Criminal Law & Human Rights

English & Spanish

Office: 493 7452

Cell: 0416 728 0072

PARRA, Jose Rafael


Attorney at law.

Criminal Law

English & Spanish

Office: 992 2019 / 9926948

Cell: 0414 249 2921




Attorney at law.

Criminal Law

English & Spanish

Office: 9761639 / 9773197

Cell: 0414 330 9800


Attorney at law.

Criminal Law

English & Spanish

Office: 954 1263 - 954 0231

Cell: 0414 329 3147



Attorney at law.


Specialized in criminal & constitutional law. Litigation

English & Spanish

Office: 2630702

Cell: 0414-6290626;

Fax: 564-28-21.




I. In retaining the services of a foreign attorney the following guidelines may assist you in protecting your interests.


I. Selecting an attorney


When you receive a list of attorneys, it would be wise for you to contact several, briefly describing the nature of the services you desire. Before you decide which attorney to employ, ask for a written schedule of fees generally charged for the services you need, ask whether the attorney is fluent in English, and become acquainted with him or her. Do not turn over your documents or funds until you are certain that the attorney understands your problem and is willing to handle your case.


II. Assistance of the U.S. Embassy


Should your association with a foreign attorney prove unsatisfactory, a U.S. consular officer can contact the attorney on your behalf in an effort to facilitate your communication. In addition, complaints against foreign lawyers whose names appear on the attorneys list can result in the removal of their names from that list.


III. Coordination with Counsel in the U.S.


American attorneys may not be in a position to represent your interests abroad, particularly because they will not be permitted to participate in foreign court proceedings under the laws of the foreign country. However, American attorneys experienced in international law may be helpful in explaining complex international issues involved in your case and some may have associates or partners abroad to whom they can refer you.


IV. How to deal with your foreign attorney?


a) Find out the attorney's qualifications and experience.


b) Find out how the attorney plans to represent you. Ask specific questions and expect the attorney to explain legal procedures in language that you can understand.


c) Find out what fees the attorney charges and how he expects to be paid. Some attorneys may expect to be paid in advance; some may demand payment after each action they take on your behalf, refusing to take further action until they are paid; and some may take the case on a percentage basis, collecting a pre-arranged percentage of the monies awarded to you by the foreign court. You may also want to consider setting up an escrow account from which the attorney can collect his fees only if and when he or she has had some success with your case.


d) Ask that your attorney keep you informed on the progress of your case according to a pre-arranged schedule. Remember that most foreign courts work rather slowly. You may, therefore, wish the attorney to send you monthly reports, even though no real developments have ensued, simply to satisfy your doubts about the progress of the case.


e) Have your attorney analyze your case, giving you the positive and negative aspects and probable outcome (if possible).


f) Do not expect your attorney to give a simple answer to a complex legal problem. Be sure that you understand the technical language of any contract or other legal document prepared by your attorney you sign it.


g) Keep your attorney fully informed of any new developments in the case.


h) If you need to provide complex or technical documents to your attorney,  you may wish to consider having the documents translated into Spanish. Remember, an elementary knowledge of English may not be enough to enable the attorney to understand the documents you provide.


i) Be honest with your attorney. Tell him every relevant fact in order to get the best representation of your interests.


j) Find out how much time the attorney anticipates the case may take to complete.


k) Request copies of all letters and documents prepared on your behalf.


V. Assistance of the Department of State.

If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Citizen Consular Services, Room 4811, Department of State, Washington D.C. 20520.




In order to estimate fees lawyers must take into consideration the following:


a) The importance of the services;


b) The magnitude of the case;


c) The success obtained and the importance of the case;


d) The novelty or difficulty of the judicial problems discussed;


e) Their own experience or reputation;


f) The financial situation of the client;


g) The possibility that the lawyer may be prevented from pursuing other cases;


h) Whether the lawyer's services will be temporary or permanent;


i) The lawyer's personal responsibility and liability in the case;


j) The time required;


k) The degree of the lawyer's participation in the study, development and execution

of the case;


l) If the lawyer is acting as counselor or attorney for the client;

m) The place where the services are rendered (whether inside or outside of the lawyer's domicile).

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